Making recruitment advertising and response handling more economical and effective in a digital world.

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Recruitment Advertising


Classic, effective and economical recruitment advertising is our forte and we have always maintained that a successful recruitment assignment starts with a good recruitment advertisement. Ideal advertisements incorporate all of the elements that our extensive research has shown are necessary, they are well branded, to the point and contain a motivation to respond. Of particular interest to advertisers is our exclusive “Icon” concept wherein we are able, by using popular news sites, to place advertising in front of a relevant audience. The concept is new, introduces savings of in excess of 50% of press and works!


We also offer a comprehensive response handling service or even a free one where a large response is anticipated. Placing advertising on social media such is LinkedIn is a fine art and also requires focused advertising in order to attract the right calibre response - Jonti Tenders consider ourselves expert in this regard.


The writing of good jobs ads is free to the client providing we place the advertising. The number of recruitment advertising awards our team has won over the years demonstrates our ability and as we move into the digital area, we have changed to ensure that our clients continue to enjoy optimal response at minimal cost.